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Age-Inclusive Management Strategies (AIMS)

Age-Inclusive Management Strategies (AIMS) | Initiative

Population aging, a phenomenon resulting from the combination of longer life expectancies and lower birthrates, has widespread implications in the future of work for both employers and experienced employees (age 50+) across the United States. Yet, while most employers are aware of the changing age composition of the labor force, few have taken proactive steps to actively engage and retain this booming workforce population.

The Age-Inclusive Management Strategies (AIMS) initiative strives to elevate this unprecedented opportunity to foster age-friendly workplaces and propel a nationwide transformation. It is a collaboration between The University of Iowa College of Public Health and Transamerica Institute. 

Age-Friendly Workplaces Opportunity

By 2030, as many as 41 million Americans age 55 and older will be working full-time, representing nearly 1 out of every 4 working Americans. The number of working Americans age 65 and older will increase to nearly 15 million, while the expected growth of working Americans remains at 5%.1

Over the next decade, employers will be presented with unique challenges and opportunities as more older persons remain in the workforce. As employers continue to face labor force needs, it will become increasingly critical to implement policies and programs that effectively recruit and retain employees over the age of 50.

Employers who do so will be well-positioned to fill vacancies, maintain workforce continuity, achieve net financial gains by engaging a healthy and productive workforce, and ultimately, harness the power of age diversity.

AIMS Goals & Objectives

The goal of AIMS is to define the unique needs and preferences of the aging labor force and support employers in the adoption of age-inclusive management strategies.

AIMS strives to build relationships with employers who recognize the need to address this unprecedented phenomenon. We seek to present these employers with up to 40 age-inclusive management strategies and support their organizational adoption. Some of the strategies include offering diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI&) statements that feature older workers, creating job descriptions and advertising strategies that attract experienced employees, supporting employee assistance program efforts for those involved in elder caregiving, and devising viable work to retirement pathway design.

We work with employers to reach three critical objectives:
  1. Increase employers’ awareness of increasing labor force participation among older adults.
  2. Assist employers’ identification of an age-inclusive management strategy that would meet organizational needs.
  3. Support employers’ efforts to adopt AIMS and evaluate organizational outcomes.

State Projects

Join the AIMS Initiative

Do you want to see the AIMS project in your state? Do you want to become an AIMS age-friendly employer? 

AIMS is a free resource for employers and HR professionals to learn about policies and programs that create a better working environment. We offer all of these resources at no expense (or cost) to you or your organization.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about how your organization can become AIMS certified.

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About the Project Collaborators

The University of Iowa College of Public Health works to promote health and prevent injury and illness through its commitment to education and training, excellence in research, innovation in policy development, and devotion to public health practice. www.public-health.uiowa.edu

Transamerica Institute® is a nonprofit, private foundation dedicated to identifying, researching, and educating the public about retirement security and the intersections of health and financial well-being. Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies®, an operating division of Transamerica Institute, conducts one of the largest and longest-running annual retirement surveys of its kind. Transamerica Institute is funded by contributions from Transamerica Life Insurance Company and its affiliates. The Institute is not affiliated with The University of Iowa.


1"Employment Projections on Civilian Labor Force by Age, Sex, Race, and Ethnicity," U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (September 2023). www.bls.gov/emp/tables/civilian-labor-force-summary.htm